Most residents of Brentwood, California have come to expect the highest quality in goods, services, and amenities. That eye for detail and critical appraisal of quality applies to home amenities as well, even in a property they are considering to rent. 

Savvy property managers in Brentwood should know that adding a few extras and keeping up with the latest in home technology and design trends can mean the difference between attracting top tier residents, or losing out to a more attractive rental property. 

With that in mind, we will take a look in this article at six upgrades your Brentwood rental property needs today. After the initial investment, all of these upgrades combined can help maximize your potential profits. 

1. Classy Kitchen Countertops

Updating kitchen countertops to a popular, durable, and aesthetically pleasing material can completely transform how the kitchen looks. Creating more space for cooking prep means that the kitchen can suddenly be used in whole new ways for entertaining, catered events, and preparing big holiday meals. Consider adding an island countertop for that special bonus workspace. Try upgrading countertops with cement, quartz, or granite. Look for a timeless material that will remain stylish (and functional) throughout the years. 

Then add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinet facades and replace old door handles and hinges. Suddenly the kitchen will appear completely transformed, and ready to welcome new residents with a shrewd eye for design. If the cabinets are made of an outdated material, like particle board, upgrade to solid wood for a more elegant finish. Or go the ultra modern route, with stainless steel cabinets that embrace the industrial kitchen style.

2. Custom Flooring

Picture walking into your dream apartment: there is gorgeous and abundant California sunshine streaming in through the windows, the kitchen shines with beautiful granite countertops, the rooms are spacious. But when you look down at your feet, the dream becomes a nightmare: horrible old shag carpet coats the floors with its thick, fluffy, outdated appearance. 

Floors may not seem as important as other elements in the house, but that assessment would be incorrect. High quality, appealing, durable flooring is vital to creating the right atmosphere in any rental property. Rip out old carpets and, if the floor underneath is hardwood, bring in a specialist to refurbish those old wood floors. 

Consider upgrading to luxury vinyl plank flooring, which is not only durable, long lasting, low maintenance, and waterproof, but also cost effective. Vinyl planks and custom tiles can create the appearance of wood or natural stone for a fraction of the cost. That way, you can keep your residents happy while making sure the money you invest in updating your rental property is put to good use. 

3. High Tech Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a key upgrade for a Brentwood rental. Prospective tenants will be impressed by this simple high-tech upgrade. A smart thermostat not only allows tenants greater control over the heating and cooling in each room of their rental unit, but also helps lower their monthly energy bills and cuts down their carbon footprint. That is a smart choice for environmentally conscious residents who are equally smart about their monthly spending. 

A smart thermostat works by syncing to the home Wi-fi network and smart devices (like tablets, phones, and laptops) via bluetooth connection. It can be programmed to automatically detect when someone is in a room, and will know when to keep each room hot or cold, without wasting huge amounts of energy on regulating the temperature of an empty space. Residents can program the temperature from their smartphones, so that each room is cooled to the perfect temperature by the time they arrive home from the office. This simple upgrade can add huge value for your tenants, and cut down on energy waste. 

4. Luxury Tub

Nothing says luxury like a hot soak in a deep bathtub after a long, stressful day. A luxury bathtub is the kind of detail that tenants will notice and appreciate. Refurbish the old tub and replace it with a contemporary model that is deeper, bigger, and comes with luxurious details, like high powered jets. 

Standalone or claw-footed tubs can create an elegant and impressive stylized addition to any bathroom, which will wow your tenants. If your rental property is furnished, consider adding a vanity and chair nearby, so your future tenants can enjoy the full home spa experience. 

5. Solar Power

Adding solar panels to your rental property can help attract the best tenants, reduce your property’s environmental impact, and lower monthly utility costs, which is a benefit for property owners and tenants alike. While upgrading to solar power may require high up front investment costs, the payoff will come in the long term savings. 

Investing in solar power is a smart move, especially here in sunny Southern California, where we have the benefit of sunshine nearly all year round. Take advantage of this abundant natural resource not only to attract tenants, but to power your property. 

6. Fix Up The Yard

Speaking of California sunshine, there is simply nothing like relaxing outside in the sunshine, especially in the privacy of one’s own home. Provide prospective tenants with a carefully curated and well maintained private outdoor area for barbecues, sunny Sunday afternoon lounging, or simply reading a book outside. Consider hiring a landscaper to give the lawn a facelift, and look for contemporary landscaping trends that highlight native climate friendly plants like succulents and cacti. 

Include space for elegant patio furniture- chaise lounges, picnic tables, and rocking chairs are great additions to any furnished rental property. Before landscaping, pressure wash the exterior walls and floors of the front facade, back patio, and any other property surfaces that could do with a facelift. 

Final Thoughts

From small, straightforward upgrades like giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, to bigger and longer-term investments, like upgrading to solar energy, there are plenty of ways to boost your property rental’s value and attract excellent tenants. 

Small adjustments can make a big impact towards impressing your prospective renters. And looking out for high quality materials, excellent contractors, and smart investments means that the upgrades you put money behind today can last for a long time to come, making your rental property more valuable for the long term.